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GEOGRAPHY: Bounded on the north by the municipality of Cabagan, on the south from Tuguegarao City, on the east by the municipality of Divilacan, on the south by the City of Ilagan, the Cagayan River and the municipality of Delfin Albano.

Congressional : 1st District of Isabela

Income clase : 1st Class

Municipality Region : Cagayan Valley (Region II)

Province : Isabela

Population : 74, 512

Land Area : 47, 739.07 hectares

No. of Barangays : 46

Dialect : Ybanag, Ilocano


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“Tumauini as a center of excellence for youth science education in the region; a major agro-industrial hub and an eco-religious destination in northern Isabela with self-reliant, empowered and healthy citizenry living in a peaceful and sustainably balanced ecology, with equitable and competitive economy under a humane and progressive leadership”.




“To attain a better quality of life for the constituents by pursuing priority programs, projects and policies collaboratively supported by both the executive and legislative departments of the Local Government Unit of Tumauini, together with the genuine participation of the community”.




TUMAUINI, a land of peace and plenty
Under the palm, beside prolific streams
Our souls fly to you on call of duty
And may our plans and dreams be realized

Urged by love of country and faith in the Lord
We come to serve thee with heart and soul
Nothing, we pray, will weaken all our accords
In leading thy children to greater goals


Azzao kami, ana na Tumauini
Mangilayyagayya nikamu ta ili mi
Umay manguf-fun onu makid-uffun
Itayag tam y Tumauini ta ut-tun

Nu kunnud gafu, abbing onu mannakam
Umay kamu ta madduruf-fun ittam
Nga mappakasta ta Tumauini
Tapenu yayya y kapianan nga ili


Tumauini Ili’t linak ken kapia
Burayuk ken ubbog ti namnama
Nasudi a gameng kenka’t adu da
Agserbi ti taom kas liw-liwa

Umay kayu kakabsat ken gagayyem
Agkaykaysa intay tarabayen
Daga, danum, bakir ket taripatwen
Pagwadan nga ili parang-ayen.



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